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Fun Facts About Hello Kitty

Kitty White is the full name of Hello Kitty.  This cute feline is perhaps the most popular character in the famous Sanrio collections. Hello Kitty has many friends namely Mama, Mimmy, Papa, Tim and Tammy, Thomas, Mory, Cathy, and Jody being the well-known characters. Hello Kitty has been portrayed to live in a world with loving and caring people and where everyone has a family and lots of friends.

If you are a fanatic, you will know that Kitty lives with her Mama, Papa and her twin sister Mimmy. Hello Kitty gained immense popularity soon after its introduction in the Sanrio collections. Sanrio is based in Japan and after the introduction of Hello Kitty; it became very popular among school girls in Japan. Later, it spread out to Britain and America as well.

Hello Kitty was born in Japan but she has been shown to live in the suburbs of London with her family. Her favorite dish is Mama’s Apple Pie and her weight is three apples and as tall as five apples in her world. She also indulges …
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Hello Kitty Gift Ideas for Adults

Hello Kitty catapulted itself into an iconic brand status in 1974, when Japanese company Sanrio, released the world’s first Hello Kitty vinyl purse. Fast forward then to 2017, and Hello Kitty accessories now range from everything from jovial kids pillow cases to adult watches and hooded garments. The only question is, what are the best modern day Hello Kitty gift ideas for adults specifically?

 Embracing Hello Kitty as The Brand was First Intended to be Embraced

When looking for Hello Kitty gift ideas for adults, it can be a great idea to think about gifting a Hello Kitty purse or even backpack. What better way to celebrate the Hello Kitty brand, after all, than in the form which it was originally showcased to the world?

Of course, Hello Kitty bags and purses aren’t for everyone. The good news, however, is that Hello Kitty gift ideas don’t have to be wearable at all. In fact, particularly fantastic Hello Kitty gift ideas can include the likes of mini fridges for student dorms and bache…

Hello Kitty Sheets For a Girl’s Bedroom

The introduction of hello kitty sheets has widened the scope of credibility for Sanrio, as this allow a girl to fully personalize her bedroom. Hello kitty portrays a message of friendship to girls that they have sought out for over the centuries. The popularity of this cartoon character has always remained steadily high, unlike most other characters.

This type of sheet is a safe option to invest in for a little girl’s bedroom décor as it will remain fashionable year after year.

The main part of any bedroom is the bed, which should be covered with hello kitty sheets in this case. You will probably find a variety of designs within the hello kitty line itself. After choosing the sheet, you can further embellish your bed with hello kitty dolls and pillows.

Pink is the most common color that all these products are available in. If you are going for the pink theme, it is probably a good idea to match up various shades of pink for each accessory you use to decorate the bedroom. Having everyt…

Choose the Hottest Hello Kitty Tattoos for Girls

One of the fastest developing areas in field of tattoos is the Hello Kitty tattoos for girls. The world of tattoos has drastically changed over years and developed into a huge stream with more women tattooing in large number.  This eventually led to the growth of tattoo market for women.  For this reason, Hello Kitty tattoo design continues to grow and widely accepted by women throughout the world. People pour in huge amount of money for Hello Kitty tattoo designs which are done on chest, upper back, and sleeve by most women. You can change the design anytime you want if it is a temporary tattoo.

Chest tattoos are mostly preferred by girls as it provides a large space to get big tattoo design.  Traditional tattoo designs can be modified to create interesting and fun new designs for girls. Traditional designs mixed with modern art make a great master piece on your chest especially with Hello Kitty designs.

Lower back tattoos have faded its market as women prefer to have tattoos on thei…

Important Details about Hello Kitty Piggy Bank

Hello Kitty piggy bank is very adorable. You can purchase this type of piggy bank at a reasonable price from various stores. Most of the stores will send some coupons, which offer discount for the picky bank you purchase. The material used to make Hello Kitty Piggy Bank is plastic. This piggy bank is also referred to as coin bank. Piggy bank forms a brand new variety from Hello Kitty group. Size of piggy bank from Hello Kitty will be about 10 cm width, 13 cm depth, and 12 cm height.

Hello Kitty Piggy Bank item forms a perfect product to present someone during an occasion. You can purchase piggy bank through online service. The shipping cost of piggy bank varies based on the country you choose. The material which is used to make piggy bank is of high quality and is very durable for daily use. Piggy banks can be used to collect coins and you can eventually save a lot of money on daily basis. You will definitely enjoy the process of saving coins in piggy bank. You need not break piggy ban…

Why is Hello Kitty Baby Shower Decorations Popular?

Hello Kitty baby shower decorations are chosen by most people as it is full of fun. Regardless of your budget, you can make your rooms look beautiful and mind blowing with the simple decorating ideas by Hello Kitty baby shower themes. Decorations done with Hello Kitty will be simple and inviting. Pink crepe streamers are used mostly by Hello Kitty to decorate your door ways and rooms. Hanging paper lanterns from Hello Kitty are also used in Hello Kitty baby shower designs to hang on doorways.

Hello Kitty baby shower decorations are perfect to welcome your new born baby to your family. This occasion is made special by making use of Hello Kitty products.  Themes from Hello Kitty, which is used for decorations are full of fun and it a whimsical method to celebrate. Wide varieties of decorations and supplies are available from Hello Kitty.

Your shower decoration from Hello Kitty will be outfitted with plates, party flavors, balloons, napkins, and cups from Hello Kitty brand. You can make …

Know More about Hello Kitty Cell Phone Charms

Hello Kitty cell phone charms is good news for fans and lovers of Hello Kitty products. If you are fond of hello kitty then you will surely adore this small yet delightful charm for hello kitty phone. The best thing about this charm is that it comes with cord rings in order to hang it on your cell phone, bags, jackets, key rings and other stuff on which you can hang it.

These charms form a small and delightful product, which is loved by most people. This charm will definitely add a complete girly touch to mobile phones. Hello kitty is supported by four friends and after years, the age barriers has developed between kitty and other holding characters by Sanrio. The products from hello kitty have occupied your minds and hearts.

Moreover, the popular organizations like Cingular Wireless, Nokia, and Sanrio has merged to create cell phones with charms, which look similar to Hello Kitty mobile phone charms. The cell phones from Hello Kitty are mostly covered with pink. These charms are use…