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Fun Facts About Hello Kitty

Kitty White is the full name of Hello Kitty.  This cute feline is perhaps the most popular character in the famous Sanrio collections. Hello Kitty has many friends namely Mama, Mimmy, Papa, Tim and Tammy, Thomas, Mory, Cathy, and Jody being the well-known characters. Hello Kitty has been portrayed to live in a world with loving and caring people and where everyone has a family and lots of friends.

If you are a fanatic, you will know that Kitty lives with her Mama, Papa and her twin sister Mimmy. Hello Kitty gained immense popularity soon after its introduction in the Sanrio collections. Sanrio is based in Japan and after the introduction of Hello Kitty; it became very popular among school girls in Japan. Later, it spread out to Britain and America as well.

Hello Kitty was born in Japan but she has been shown to live in the suburbs of London with her family. Her favorite dish is Mama’s Apple Pie and her weight is three apples and as tall as five apples in her world. She also indulges in a variety of activities such as reading, travelling, listening to music, eating cookies, making friends and collecting stuff like candles and goldfish. An interesting fact about Hello Kitty is that she will always be called a kitten although she was born in 1974.

The popularity of hello kitty can be gauged from the fact that she starred in her very own animated television series made in both Japan and the United States. Hello Kitty is also a part of the hello kitty animation theater which remakes old fairy tales. In addition to this, hello kitty also features on several products such as bags, bedding and the very popular hello kitty digital camera. One thing about hello kitty is that she will never diminish in popularity.